Announcing Gumcatchers™ The latest weapon in the war on gum+butts™

Welcome to the world of the Gumcatcher™, a unique gum and cigarette bin developed expressly for the safe disposal of chewed gum and cigarette butts.

Uniquely sized and shaped to be sympathetic to the town planning environment yet immediate to the eye, Gumcatchers™ offer the ability to provide frequent and convenient disposal points for chewed gum and cigarette litter. Enabling you to put streamlined looking bins on posts, on walls, wherever.

click here to find out how Gumcatchers gum and cigarette bins are working for Shepherd's Bush and Fulham Broadway town centres, helping to keep gum and cigarette litter off the streets.


The outer casing and hinged door of the Smartstreets' gum and cigarette Gumcatcher is cast from recycled aluminium and can be powder coated in a choice of colours. All the components are made of weatherproof stainless steel, making it a gum and cigarette bin built to last.

The Gumcatcher chewing gum and cigarette bin clamps around most posts - this includes lamp posts, traffic lights and pedestrian crossing beacon poles. It can also be fitted to bollards, walls or other flat surfaces.

At the heart of the Gumcatcher™ chewing gum and cigarette bin is a unique, removable, fire resistant liner made of inert stainless steel with exceptional non-stick qualities.

All the operator has to do is unlock the door, using an industry standard key, and empty the gum and cigarette litter out of the liner by simply inverting it with one hand. An easy, quick and clean operation.

  • Not just a bin, a whole gum+butts™ cleanup initiative
  • Modern, stylish and well thought out design which de-clutters the street
  • Proven in use to virtually eradicate smoking related litter where installed
  • Unique shut down facility and interchangeable fronts
  • Branding opportunity to demonstrate - Corporate social responsibility
  • In the UK alone more than 935 million packs of gum will be chewed in 2006.
  • Over 200 million cigarette butts will be thrown away every day.
  • It takes 17 weeks to remove chewing gum from Oxford Street..
  • But only 10 days for the street to be covered in gum again.
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Gumcatchers™ : another Smartstreets solution.
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