Announcing Gumcatchers™ The latest weapon in the war on gum+butts™


We've not only thought about designing a unique chewing gum and cigarette bin, we've also designed a proven strategy to encourage people to use them for their gum and cigarette litter.

Smartstreets have created a range of localized promotional tools including eye catching post pointers and brightly coloured, non-slip pavement graphics to draw attention to the problem of gum and cigarette litter. These promotional tools positively encourage the considerate disposal of chewed gum and cigarette butts in the Gumcatchers. They can be used long term or just for an initial 'awareness boost' and then removed for a more discreet look to the gum and cigarette bins.

The Gumcatcher gum and cigarette bin is designed to be friendly and engaging. It is also designed to be easy to clean and maintain. The brightly coloured 'mouth', designed to catch the eye from virtually any direction, encourages the placing, rather than the throwing, of chewing gum and cigarette butts in the opening of the bin.

For cigarette disposal a 'stubbing out lip' has been built into the opening of the litter bin and positioned so the cigarette ash and the cigarette butt slips directly into the bin liner.

Gumcatchers™ chewing gum and cigarette bins can be placed wherever they are needed most, without cluttering the street - making it possible to offer convenient gum and cigarette litter disposal points and eliminate the excuse that there was "nowhere to put that gum or cigarette butt".

Independent council reports show smoking related litter is virtually eradicated where the Gumcatchers are installed and chewing gum litter significantly reduced.


Smartstreets™ have developed a number of advertising and publicity campaigns to positively reinforce the use of Gumcatchers™ for chewed gum and cigarette butt litter.

The idea is to make the use of Gumcatchers™ fun, to build goodwill as part of a long term campaign to improve gum and cigarette litter awareness and responsibility.

The campaigns centre on - feeding the Gumcatchers™ chewed gum and cigarette butts, with slogans such as:

Help us lickit, don't flickit.. feedit!

These chewing gum and cigarette litter campaigns will be available to use in all media, from posters in high streets to leaflets in schools and across electronic media via the web and mobile telephone in support of Gumcatcher chewing gum and cigarette litter bin installations.


On the front of the Gumcatcher™ gum and cigarette bin we have included a badge area for local authority or other branding.

This space is an ideal opportunity for companies or local authorities to incorporate their logo, neatly laser etched on the stainless steel lock plate to show the public it takes corporate social responsibility seriously and cares enough about looking after the streets we live in to provide a Smartstreets-Gumcatcher™ for chewing gum and cigarette litter.

It is a unique opportunity to communicate and re-inforce brand values to people on the street. The Gumcatcher gum and cigarette bin will be visited by hundreds of people every day - all of whom will appreciate that convenient litter bin disposal facilities have been made available by a sponsor for their gum and cigarette butts.

For further information about Gumcatchers chewing gum and cigarette bins and other innovative products from Smartstreets please contact us on +44 (0)20 8742 3223.

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